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"Anyone with chronic pain needs to see Dr Greg. I am a life-long runner and was struggling with chronic right sided pain for a couple months, and then I met with Dr. Greg who evaluated me and came up with a custom plan for my recovery. Best of all the sessions are one-on-one so his time was focused on me. By the end of my planned treatment schedule I finally felt relief and gained a lot of strength so it hopefully never returns. I am very thankful I met Dr. Greg and Awaken Performance Rehab."

Kim T.

"You're never going to find a better PT than Dr. Greg! I've never truly felt like I've had a Dr. who was "on my team" so to speak, until I started working with Dr. Greg!

He's incredibly smart, personable, optimistic and most importantly, he has the best attitude that is so infectious, you can't help but feel motivated!"

Kevin R.

"Dr. Greg worked magic on me when I was training with an Olympic Development group. He kept me happy and healthy with his expertise! PT with Greg will make any sport/exercise (and life in general) more fun and pain-free!"

Victor P.

"I came to Dr Greg with a running injury and had tried many physical therapists, doctors, massage techniques, dry needling, yoga, you name it. I could was hindered to running less than 1 hour at nominal to slow paces. He researched my injury and found real solutions to strengthen the weaker muscles surrounding the impacted area. I never met a provider so invested in my health and getting me back to 100%. After a year of working with Dr Greg, I was back racing up to 50km distances. Awesome person, and always willing to help find a solution and try new techniques."

Frank M.

"I am a D1 tennis player and could not be where I am at if it were not for Dr. Greg. He helped me tremendously with my shoulder and now I am completely able to compete at the highest level again!"

Robbie Y.

"I can’t recommend Greg highly enough! He does great work. Not only did he help me quickly recover from injuries, he also helped me stay healthy through my first xc season. 10/10 recommendation."

Alexander F.

"I had neck and lower back pain, and had been seen for it before with little success. I went to awaken and Dr Greg was very helpful in figuring out the root cause of the pain and showing me how to prevent/fix it long term. I highly recommend awaken for anyone looking to understand an injury and recover properly!"

Matthew M.

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