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The AWAKEN Performance Rehab Difference: A Better Approach to Physical Therapy

Updated: May 2

AWAKEN Performance Rehab was founded in order to bring WNY a modern-concept, high-tech, boutique physical therapy and performance clinic in a boutique setting. Dr. Greg created a clinic that always puts the patients' best interests first and combines the highest-level medical care with an individualized, upbeat, and welcoming environment. AWAKEN is not just another average, overly commercialized PT clinic...rather, we provide every client with one-on-one, individualized attention from a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). At AWAKEN, we use a specialized and unique 3-Step Process:


By actively listening and performing targeted tests and measures, we are able to get to the bottom of the root cause of the client's pain, injury, or limitation and determine the most appropriate treatment strategy.


We spend quality time with each client educating them on realistic strategies to effectively and efficiently reduce their limitations and prevent the likelihood of future injury.


The step most commonly overlooked at traditional clinics. We don't want to settle for a mediocre return to activity... rather our goal is to AWAKEN the client's full potential in whatever activities they are passionate about and help them return even better than before!

Dr. Greg has spent countless hours beyond his clinical doctorate developing an expertise and gaining advanced knowledge of numerous elite rehab and performance training methods. For anyone who knows him, Dr. Greg is passionate about his Christian faith, competitive, and driven to help others AWAKEN their athletic and everyday potential!

If you are serious about figuring out the root cause of your pain or injury, addressing the soreness/tightness associated with an athletic lifestyle, and/or ultimately learning how to prevent injuries while improving your athletic and everyday performance, then it’s time to contact Dr. Greg to AWAKEN YOUR POTENTIAL!

Click the link provided below for a completely FREE Phone Consultation today!

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