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The AWAKEN Difference Told By Kristin!

Kristin is a former client of Dr. Greg's who highlighted some of the qualities that set him apart from the rest of the current medical field:


How often do people go to a medical office only to end up leaving with the feeling that no one actually listened to what was wrong?? To be honest, it is very difficulty to diagnose a client and develop the most appropriate treatment plan if you don't start by actively listening to each person. This is exactly why we offer all one-on-one sessions that are at least a full 60 minutes with each and every client!

2. "He performed a THOROUGH EXAM"

Most medical provider visits these days consist of a basic, routine examination that only focuses on a narrow-minded approach. At AWAKEN, we are committed to thoroughly assessing each client and looking at a holistic view of how the client's body moves as the root of the issue may not actually be the same as the site of pain!

3. "He determined the ROOT CAUSE"

We consider ourselves "body detectives" that do not rest until we uncover the root cause of a client's nagging pain or injury. We are not in the business of just giving our clients band aid treatments, rather we want to teach them practical strategies that can be implemented to address the root cause of the issue!

4. "He PREVENTED future relapse"

Addressing the root cause is so important because this is how we teach people to avoid future injury! Or heaven forbid if the pain were to return, we empower our clients with the knowledge of how to best address it quickly before it spirals out of control!


The reason that Dr. Greg opened AWAKEN to begin with was to bring care and encouragement to those who are hurting along with motivation for people to achieve the healthiest/fittest version of themselves possible! He truly feels called by the Lord to be a bright spot in our medical field and there are few things that get him more excited than watching his clients overcome obstacles!

If you would like to actually get to the bottom of a nagging pain or injury you've been having and learn what practical strategies can be done, AWAKEN is the place for you!

We specialize in offering the community a truly individualized medical and fitness service that is a breath of fresh air, and we promise to always treat each and every client as family!

Click below to set up a completely free, no obligation phone consultation and start to experience for yourself what makes AWAKEN so special!

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