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One Session Got Rid of His Neck Pain/Tightness

I had a new patient reach out to me recently and ask if I could help him get rid of neck pain.


So we hopped on a quick phone consultation to confirm there wasn’t anything likely more serious going on and then scheduled an evaluation session earlier this week!


Turns out, this guy went on a week-long cross country road trip and developed some nasty neck tightness and stiffness that traveled down his spine and over towards his shoulder blade.


At the start of his evaluation, he explained that he’s not someone who typically seeks out medical help very often and tends to just put up with things until they go away.


But could tell this time was different and the pain would just keep lingering until he got it addressed the right way.


After doing a thorough examination of his posture, what movements irritated the pain, and how his neck and upper back move I was able to isolate the exact areas that needed to be worked on!


I could tell that his upper neck and upper mid-back were very stiff and this was placing excess stress on his lower neck in between.


Just like with a machine, if there is an area that isn’t moving properly the areas close by will start to be over-worked!


I performed a few different techniques to loosen up the muscles of his upper neck and then performed specific, targeted manipulations to loosen up his joints…the crack noise was wonderfully satisfying to us both!


After I performed some other manipulation techniques to loosen up the joints in his upper mid-back which he said felt great.


But we didn’t just stop there…


I then educated him on 2 basic, practical exercises that he could integrate into his work day individualized to his own body to help prevent the tension/tightness from developing!


Teaching people strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of their own bodies is what we’re all about!


At the end of just this first session, the patient was able to turn his head to the right and left and move his head side to side completely pain-free!


My goal is to be extremely effective and efficient with helping people address problems, because who has time to wait around.


And this helps drastically minimize how many times our patients need to come into the clinic, saving them more money in their wallet and valuable time out of their week!


If this sounds interesting to you, then now’s the time to give me a call.


There’s no point in waiting any longer to solve your own problem and there’s absolutely no pressure when you reach out!


All you have to do is hop on a completely free 15-20 min phone consultation with me and we’ll go from there!


Click the link below and let’s get you out of pain, keep you out of pain, and AWAKEN YOUR POTENTIAL!

-Dr. Greg

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