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Client Spotlight: Mackenzie Lowe

This month's spotlight goes out to our very own Mackenzie Lowe! Mackenzie is Dr. Greg's incredible wife/best friend and she is just as much a part of AWAKEN as anyone! Mackenzie is currently pursuing a career in professional distance running, she is an amazing coach and role model for her Starpoint High School cross country/track runners, and she helps lead our monthly run coaching services here at AWAKEN!


We moved down to Greenville, SC a few years ago for Mackenzie to pursue the dream to join an Olympic Development training team. After feeling called by the Lord to move back home to Buffalo this past summer, Mackenzie also felt called to take over coaching herself for the first time (a task not many people can take on successfully). So it's worth celebrating that in the past month Mackenzie ran 2 road races (the Runnin' of the Greens 5 Mile Race on 3/16 and the East Aurora Bunny Hop 5k on 3/30) and set a new personal record in both races for the first time in a few years!!!


I could not be more proud of all of the hard work that Mackenzie puts in (much of it behind the scenes that most people will never see) to constantly improve as a runner, a coach, a wife, and a person in general! You will be hard pressed to find anyone more dedicated, passionate, and committed than Mackenzie and she loves sharing her passions with others!

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