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"Barbie's" Story from Hopelessness to Hope Restored

Dr. Greg here and I want to tell a story about a patient we'll call "Barbie" who was recommended to the clinic after dealing with left arm/hand pain, numbness, and coldness for over 5 years.


Barbie was really hoping to start a family with her husband, but she didn't feel that this was at all possible due to the constant, daily pain in her arm/hand that had eventually caused significant weakness to develop (she figured it would be impossible to hold a baby in this condition).


Barbie had been to see multiple different physicians (she even had multiple family members who were doctors), multiple chiropractors, and even a couple physical therapists all with no success. After many visits and dollars spent, she was told that there was nothing anyone could do to help her and that no one could understand why the symptoms were there.


Now Barbie was referred to us by a friend and she scheduled an appointment (even though she was rather skeptical...I mean who wouldn't be after having so many medical people telling her that there was nothing they could do for her).


Well, after the very first visit I was able to explain to Barbie that her hand pain, numbness, and coldness were not that out of the ordinary at all, that the symptoms were actually originating from her lower neck, and that we could develop an individualized plan to treat this together!


Fast forward and after only a few months, the symptoms that had been a constant burden for her were completely eliminated and we transitioned to being able to work on building back her upper body strength (I had not forgotten Barbie's ultimate goal of feeling confident enough to start a family).


One morning during one of our sessions, Barbie let me in on a secret...SHE WAS PREGNANT!


By truly listening to her, spending the time in our sessions to effectively and efficiently get to the root cause of her pain, and then developing a truly individualized plan we were able to not only just get rid of her pain - we were able to help Barbie gain the confidence in her arm she needed to become a mom and hold a future child!!!


Now this is the kind of thing that makes me so passionate about breaking the mold of our typical healthcare system, providing people with the expert care that they are truly seeking, and make a difference in their lives! We don't just stop at helping someone's pain...we AWAKEN THEIR POTENTIAL!


If you have been dealing with a nagging pain or injury, this is your chance to TAKE ACTION - we are your movement and pain experts who have the experience and the plan to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain! Don't let the pain keep you on the sidelines of life away from the goals that you have!


Let's make this year your healthiest and fittest year yet!

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